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    What are the factors that need to be considered in the bar code scanner for logistics express line production?


    Recently, YHDAA barcode scanners have seen a lot of customer message consulting logistics express line production, bar code scanning and automatic identification methods on the conveyor belt. The general production line is the industrial grade fixed logistics express barcode scanner. When purchasing a barcode scanner, we must consider it according to the environment of our own industry. Based on the actual experience of customers, Xiaobian sums up the purchasing characteristics of the production line for the barcode scanner, for the reference of new and old customers.

    What do you need to consider when using a barcode scanner for pipeline production?


    First, Background analysis of industrial use of scanning guns


    In the automated assembly line and in each process, the bar code is mainly used to mark the parts with bar code labels, and the information is collected by the bar code scanner and entered into the database.

    Each product and main part will have a unique bar code that will be recorded no matter where the product is sent. If the quality problem only needs to read the barcode on the warranty card, you can call up the relevant information of the product in the database, which is convenient for product tracking and after-sales service.


    Second, the factors to consider when purchasing a scanner


    1, The type of bar code and bar code width, such as bar code system, number of bits, density.

    2. The direction and position of the barcode sticking, parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light?

    3, The speed of the assembly line.

    4, Scanning distance, bar code and scanner distance requirements.

    5, The vibration of the conveyor belt.

    6, The bracket installation, whether you need to adjust the bracket.

    7, Sensor and alarm device.

    8. What interface is needed, whether it is necessary to form a network to access the same server or PLC.

    9, The background application system stitching.

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