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    Update: 2022/5/30??????View:
    • Brand: ???YHDAA
    • Type: ???YHD-420B
    • Order Online


    *  No ink or toner or ribbon neede.

    *  Work with All Thermal Fan-fold Label & Roll Label.

    *  Having a space-saving body but keeping a large paper loading container.

    *  Shipping label printer supports USB/ USB+Bluetooth (LAN/Wifi Optional).

    *  8MB flash memory, 8MB SDRAM, High quality print head, 203DPI resolution.

    *  The label printer with 152m/s high speed, low noise and clear printing.

    *  Suitable for thermal direct labels from 26-116mm, support continuous paper, label paper, folding paper, tag paper.

    *  Support computer of Windows 7/8/10/XP Mac OS with USB port, compatible with Android/iOS/Windows.

    *  Wide application: Major selling/shipping platforms including Amazon, eBay , Paypal, Shopify, Etsy , Poshmark, 

       Shippo, Shipstation, UPS, DHL, Fedex, Supermarket, Retail store, Clothing store, Post package industry, Medical     industry, Home, Office and more.

    Technical parameters

    Product Specification:   YHD-420B    4 inches Thermal Lable Printer

    Printing Features


    203 DPI

    Printing method

    Direct Thermal

    Max.print speed

    152 mm (6") / s Max.


    USB / USB+Lan / USB+WIFI / USB+ Bluetooth / TF card

    Max.print width

    108 mm (4.25”)

    Max.print length

    1778 mm

    Media type

    Continuous, gap, black mark, fan-fold and punched hole

    Media width

    26 mm ~ 116 mm

    Media thickness

    0.06~0.254 mm (2.36~10mil)

    Media core diameter

    25.4 ~ 76.2 mm (1 "~ 3 ")

    Label length

    10 mm ~1778 mm

    Print head life

    50 km


    Windows/ Linux/ Mac


    Windows/ Android/ iOS

    Performance Features


    32-bit CPU


    8MB Flash Memory, 8MB SDRAM, Flash memory can be expanded to Max. 4 GB


    Standard version: USB Optional:Lan/WIFI/Bluetooth/TF card


    Gap sensor; Cover opening sensor; Black mark sensor

    Fonts/Graphics/Symbologies/Physical Features

    Internal fonts

    8 alpha-numeric bitmap fonts, Windows fonts are downloadable from software.

    1D bar code

    Code 39, Code 93, Code 128UCC, Code 128 subsets A, B, C, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8,EAN-13,EAN-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN and UPC 2(5) digits add-on, MSI, PLESSEY, POSTNET, China POST,GS1 DataBar, Code 11

    2D bar code

    PDF-417, Maxicode, DataMatrix, QR code, Aztec






    215 mm (L) x 178 mm (W) x 155 mm (H)


    1.31 kg

    Environmental Conditions & Power supply

    Operation environment

    5 ~ 40°C(41~104°F),Humidity: 25 ~ 85% no condensing

    Storage environment

    -40 ~ 60°C(-40~140°F),Humidity: 10 ~ 90% no condensing


    AC 110-240V


    DC 24V 2.5A

    Packaging Details

    *  Standard list: Printer*1,USB Cable *1,Adapter *1,Manual *1,Power cable*1,CD driver*1,Paper separator*1,Box *1

    *  Single package size: 325*220*196mm

    *  Single gross weight: 2.3KG

    *  6pcs/CTN  Size:70.3*34.5*43.2cm  G.W.:14.5KG

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