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    Update: 2023/3/13??????View:
    • Brand: ???YHDAA
    • Type: ???YHD-5803
    • Order Online


    *  Small size and lightweight, easy to carry.

    *  Fine print head for clear effect and high speed.

    *  Can print 1D barcode, 2D barcode, picture, and text.

    *  Small and portable, you can carry around and print receipts anywhere&anytime.

    *  Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, can work continuously up to 8 hours.

    *  Support USB fast charging and realize printing while charging, which can greatly provide printing efficiency.

    *  With BT function, supports Android, IOS and Windows, convenient for you to print data from your device wirelessly.

    *  Designed for outdoor working, such as printing taxi bill, parking bill, express delivery invoice, 

    restaurant ordering, ticket selling and so on.

    Technical parameters

    Product Specification:   YHD-5803(2 inch)   Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

    Printing method

    Line thermal printer

    Printing speed


    Dot pitch

    8dots/mm, 384 dots/line

    Printing width


    Paper width


    Paper roll outer diameter

    40mm (Max.)

    Paper roll inner diameter


    Paper thickness


    Overall dimension(WxDxH):


    Weight ( g)

    197(non- including the paper roll)

    Printing characters

    ANK: 8x16,9X17, 9x24,12x24  GBK:24x24


    ANK:48, 42, 32   GBK:24, 16

    Reliability Print


    Barcode type

    1D: UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-13,EAN-8,CODE39,CODE93,


    2D: QR CODE, PDF417  


    Bluetooth 2.0 android;bluetooth 4.0 IOS; micro USB

    RS232, USB


    2600mAh 7.4V  rechargeable Lithium battery

    Recharge adapter

    Stand by recharging / AC adapter

    Black mark test


    Paper feeding

    Easy paper loading

    Paper cut

    By hands


    ESC/POS compatible with order sets

    operate setting

    Temperature -10°C~50°C ; Humidity 20%~85%

    Recharge Setting

    Temperature 5°C~40°C; Humidity 20%~85%

    Storage Setting

    Temperature -20°C~70°C ; Humidity 5%~95%

    Standard accessories

    Li-ion battery, AC adapter, USB interface cable, Long-term preservable paper, user manual

    Optional accessories

    Serial interface cable/CD/Car charger

    Packaging Details

    Standard List: Printer*1, USB Cable *1, Adapter *1, , Manual *1, Test paper*1, Box *1.

    Single Package Size: 154*106*66mm  

    * Single Gross Weight: 0.36KG

    * 20pcs/CTN  Carton Size:33.5*32.5*22.5cm      Carton G.W.:8.15KG

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